Monday, 26 June 2017

Science in a Van

Science in a Van came to visit V.A.S

We got to be scientists and make predictions.

We had to predict if the cups and teapot would stay on the table when the table cloth got pulled out from under them.

Some people predicted the cups and teapot would crash onto the ground and other people predicted they would stay on the table. 

WOW! The cups and teapot stayed on the table.

Then Mrs Marshall got to have a go!

The tablecloth is a slippery material so it causes less friction when it is pulled out from under an object.

Mrs Marshall pulled the tablecloth out quickly and straight down toward the ground to make sure everything stayed on the table.
She did a great job!

Then we learnt all about bubbles!

Alan blew some BIG bubbles!

 We helped to blow the bubbles across the hall!

Then we learnt all about mixtures.

 to make a mixture you to add two or more things together and....

Shake! Shake! Shake!

We made predictions about what would happen when we mixed different things:

Water and dish washing liquid mix together to make a bubble mixture.

Cooking oil and water do not mix. They separate

We had lots of fun today being scientists and making predictions. 

Thank you Emily and Alan!

Room 12 having fun with bubbles!

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