Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Surf to School

Today 2 life guards came to V.A.S to teach us all about being safe at the beach.

We learnt that life guards: rescue people
                                     can help you if you get lost
                                     can do first aid if someone gets hurt or is sick
                                     they can even give you sunscreen!


We learnt that we need to have a responsible adult watch us at the beach
and that we always need to listen to the lifeguards!

If you need help in the water put your hand straight up in the air. 
The life guards will come and rescue you.

We also learnt that the sun is the most dangerous thing at the beach!

When you are at the beach you need to: Slip on some clothes
                                                                Slop on some sunscreen
                                                                Slap on a hat
                                                                Wrap on some sunglasses
                                                                Slide into the shade

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